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With over 10 years of accounting and financial experience, I've worked with startups, small to medium sized businesses and venture capitalists. I understand the balance sheet on a deep level and further extrapolate accounting and financial data for companies to provide them with the data both financial and operational to succeed. My accounting knowledge lends itself to providing companies with dashboards with KPIs (including financial, marketing, and operational data), benchmarking, rolling plans and forecasts, activity-based budgeting, tax compliance, scenario and contingency planning, and cash flow modeling. I keep books in GAAP and modify such accrual-based methods to be more cash-driven from a managerial perspective.

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AccountingBenchmarkingBookkeepingBudgetingCapital AccountingCapital BudgetingDashboardsData ManagementFinancial ManagementFinancial ServicesGAAPManagement AccountingModelingScenario PlanningStrategic ConsultingTax AccountingTax Advisory

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