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Where do I start? I've been on the lead generation side of Internet marketing since 2002, and the SEO side from 2000 on. I've managed budgets 7 figure budgets for major corporations both domestic and overseas, as well as my own personal mid 6 figure yearly marketing budget. SEM: I have been using pay per click platforms (SEM/PPC) since they were invented! Overture was the first, then along came Adwords. Through the years these platforms have changed dramatically and in addition to rising costs came the need for higher quality. I can't stress this point enough, if you want successful lead/sale acquisition from SEM, you absolutely need to be on point with your creative (ad/copy), landing page (split tested!!!) and of course - appeal to these potential Point Of Sale customers. SEO: I've long felt that no one outside person can influence rankings legally, and hopefully you'll agree. There are "best practices" and I would rather advise on those for free than take your money. If you like wha

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