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I am currently a full time web developer in the Passport and Visa expediting industry. We use a myriad of tools which include PHP, javascript, AJAX, jQuery, and MySQL. We maintain one public site and several back-end sites. Not only do I program, but I am also a part of the design process. I understand trade-offs and benefits of database normalization and the visual impact of good and bad page layout. I am working under an industry vet who has over 40 years of experience in computer solutions development. I am constantly being pushed in new directions, and my ideas are often considered and sometimes applied. I have been given several freedom projects to prove myself, and with each project I have continually moved forward. I code very cleanly and comment as necessary. My code will be maintainable.
I am a software engineer with a history in the print industry as well as real world work experience. I understand timeliness, the importance of usability, and I practice code re-use.

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AjaxApacheBasicCC#C++HTMLiPhoneJavaJavaScriptJSONLinuxMacintoshMySQLNetbeansObjective-CPHPPrinting IndustryRubySmartySQLVisual BasicWindowsXHTMLXML

2 Reviews for This Service

  • Kulsoom_Abdullah says,

    Greg has continued the project and has done a lot of hard and good work in a short amount of time.

    for Porting from perl/tk to Java/jogl on Feb 02, 2006

  • Kulsoom_Abdullah says,

    Greg did a good job in a short amount of time. He was able to implement zooming and panning which I needed implemented in JOGL. He was able to recommend ways that this could be done. The performance of these functions work well and are smooth. Communication was good, where I understood what he did and he was able to go through my specifications and what was required. He also did extra work beyond what we agreed on. I would hire him again for the continuation of this project or any other project.

    for Porting from perl/tk to Java/jogl on Jan 23, 2006