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* Successfully combined new technology (Java) with prior experience to create competitive product that used by thousands of clients worldwide. * Designed class loader providing superior protection of Java code from reverse-engineering. Combined with special licensing scheme, it helped to increase sales by encouraging users to buy software. * Implemented T-SQL compiler used in debugger of Sybase stored procedures

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ApacheASPCC++CGIDelphiEjbERwinHTMLIBM InformixIisJavaJava 2EEJDBCJSPLinuxOraclePerlPHPPL/SQLPowerBuilderSQLSybaseWebLogicXML

3 Reviews for This Service

  • Brad_Bennett says,

    Andrei is a rare find when it comes to a contract programmer. We had a Macintosh product which needed to be ported to Windows. Andrei had a working prototype built within 2 days and a beta test version in less than a week. We are extremely pleased with the work performed, and will continue to use Andrei for future projects.

    for GURL Watcher for Windows on May 23, 2002

  • Laurie_L_Dovey says,

    My question was very simple, but Andrei answered quickly and in a basic fashion so I could understand. Thanks

    for Simple HTML question on May 19, 2002

  • Dale_Facey says,

    Andrei understood excactly what I was looking for in a tool. We were able to correspond via e-mail accurately and timely. Would seek Andrei's help in the furture and would recommend as well. Thank you.

    for Computer login / logout utilization on May 01, 2002