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I've designed and developed two games in Director 8. One was a slot-machine with a special bonus round and one was a dice game which could be played on the local machine or on a multi-user server. I also managed a team of developers who created a History of Pittsburgh Jazz cd-rom in Director. I designed and developed a computer-based training module on golf rules. I have designed, developed and maintained a site for a private golf club. Additionally, I was a project manager and designed, developed and implemented an intranet application (HTML, Javascript, ASP, Oracle 8i) that calculated the financial results of proposed projects for an electric company.

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  • Tanya_Scott says,

    I don't rate lightly. Linda actually exceeded my expectations and she didn't exaggerate her skill set or qualities on her profile which I really liked. She is well deserving of top ranking. She "got" my project right away and was astute enough to be specific in her response. So communication was excellent and there was no confusion. She started right away and put alot of work into this project. Her ideas weren't over the top, they were creative, but with a business conscious marketing savvy that was a huge plus. I especially appreciate that she acted like this was her business and put alot of thought into it. I'm really impressed that one can find this level of talent on CreativeMoonlighter. I won't hesitate to hire Linda again and hope our relationship will be long term.

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