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I have social media recruiting experience working with data mining to contact professionals and mobilize an ad hoc network around a common interest informally, and web site development experience collecting and vetting web reference links for research portals in the style of an annotated bibliography. I can work with Excel or MSWord to format data mining or web search results to the payer's specifications. My typing speed is 79 wpm, and I charge 0.5-1 cent per word. Data mining work orders can set a scope of search content and estimate of the desired number of "hits" to include and the amount of information to be recorded about each entry in a list, to estimate the project budget. I would consider the budget agreed upon in advance binding even if the work order ran over the estimate somewhat, and the agreed-upon word count would be a minimum requirement of completeness. Some expectations about preferred search venues (if any) and level of exclusivity for relevance would be helpful (a simple description of the application for which the data mining output is intended to be used can help here, too).

My web research skills cover diverse topics and interest areas, including political and financial sector news, fandom organizations and events, environmental activism and "voting with your dollars" for environmentally conscious consumer choices, native plant gardening, public health, social science and culture commentary. As a public health researcher, I have also conducted systematic literature reviews for content analysis research. A meta-analysis of quantitative research data in the peer reviewed literature is outside my scope of work at this time, as I have ready access to article abstracts but not full text articles. However, I am familiar with quantitative analytics in the health sciences and can summarize results reported in abstracts as needed (abstracts, however, rarely report adequately on the quantitative results of scientific research).

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