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We provide state of the art web and software development services delivering high performance & robust software solutions for every business need combined with our years of domain experience, expertise, pool of highly talented minds and our deep foundation of quality, perfection and excellence.

Our Advantages:
Cost effective and highly efficient software solutions
• Self-developed QTS Project Execution Strategy
• Assured confidentiality
• Pool of highly talented minds
• Quick response oriented support.

Our web development services include but not limited to:

Static websites
• Large & complex websites
• Dynamic websites
• Database driven websites
• E-Commerce websites
• CMS based websites
• Fully customized solutions

Skills & Expertise

CSSDatabase SystemsDwolla APIEcommerceEmailHTMLHTML5JavaScriptMySQLPaypalPHPPHP 5ProgrammingSoftware DesignSoftware DevelopmentSQLWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentWeb ServersWebsite DesignWebsite DevelopmentWebsite ProgrammingXHTML

38 Reviews for This Service

  • RMarkG says,

    Redbriar and Dilip have been incredible to work with. This has been a difficult project due to customer constraints and Redbriar has been fantastic through the entire process. I will continue to use them as they are professional and proficient!

    for Web Site Creation on Apr 24, 2015

  • Michael David says,

    Dilip has been patient and understanding as I have been unable to test his routine on a timely basis.

    for website interface to Braintree on Apr 15, 2015

  • Michael David says,

    After I had to give Dilip an entirely new set of specifications for the job because Dwolla had announced a pending change in their APIs, he quickly responded with a new proposal. Although his documentation was excellent, I was confused about how to implement it so I could test it. With several emails back and forth between us, he responded quickly until I could understand how to implement it for testing. Although my confusion delayed my testing for signing off on the job and submitting the final payment, he was patient and understanding. Dilip is extremely professional in all aspects. It was a pleasure working with him. If there were a Kindness category to rate a freelancer, I would give Dilip an Excellent. Right after this job was finished, I submitted a quote for a new project only to Redbriar. I look forward to working with Dilip on this next project.

    for PHP functions to access Dwolla APIs on Jan 26, 2015

  • Michael David says,

    I chose Redbriar because their quote was much more detailed and professionally prepared than a quote from another guru. I presumed that Redbriar's documentation would also be detailed and professionally prepared, and I was right. The other reason I chose Redbriar was because they included 90 days of support with their quote. The other guru did not. Although I had to delay going forward with the project for several months, Dilip was understanding and patient. Then because Dwolla announced a pending change in their APIs, I had to chose an alternative set of APIs that would not be affected by the change and submit an entirely new set of specifications to Dilip for another quote. Again, he was understanding. Dilip is extremely professional in all aspects. It was a pleasure working with him.

    for PHP functions to access Dwolla APIs on Jan 26, 2015

  • andrewcmillard says,

    This milestone is a continuation of the work previously performed and website created. As always, Dilip and team deliver on-time, well-priced services with excellent communication. There will be many more projects to come with RedBriar.

    for S2LED - Phase1/Phase2 on Nov 25, 2014

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