Julie MacBain

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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Writer/Researcher/Financial Consulting

I write with voice and emotion when scribing lighter pieces. My style is frequently complimented as a one that is rarely seen today. My more serious pieces reflect a reverence for the subject.

My writing interests cover a broad range, including fiction and non-fiction articles, letters for various purposes and even those oft forgotten but ever-important thank-you cards. I will entertain the possibility of writing business plans, proposals and responses to RFPs.

I have extensive financial planning knowledge and accreditation in Canada. I worked in the financial services sector for 15 years with two major financial institutions. My focus was on personal financial planning at the individual level and with employers to help them provide their employees with retirement solutions and improve their financial positions today.

I now work with clients to provide them with questions and arm them with the right resources prior to meeting with their chosen financial institution. "We don't now what we don't know" and my goal is to educate my clients so that they have an understanding of what they should be offered and entitled to from their financial services provider. To offer knowledge and empowerment is my goal. Individuals are too often intimidated to ask questions or challenge answers they receive. Sometimes they even feel forced to accept financial solutions they don't understand or feel they don't need. This does not have to be you! I can work with you to end this madness now.

I have what I proudly call a "healthy curiosity" to always learn and investigate. This fits well with my current full-time career as a researcher at a university in the Department of University Advancement. I turn over rocks until find an answer or find a solution. In the absence of that, I create one!

Please contact me directly at 506.874.9446 to discuss how I can help you reach your business goals! As a former full-time business owner/operator, I know that success is not a coincidence. Let me help get you there!

$25 / Hour
$50 minimum budget