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Flutter Developer Hourly Rate

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Are you a business owner looking to hire Flutter developers? If so, you can check out the long list of qualified freelance Flutter developers on reputable freelance job sites like Guru. But first, you need to understand the most important aspects of Flutter, including what it is, how it works, and whether it is good for app development.

Even as you think about finding the right Flutter developers, you also need to consider the cost of hiring them. Most freelance Flutter developers on Guru and other freelance sites are paid an hourly rate.

Setting a freelance developer’s hourly rate requires a lot of foresight and consideration because you need to strike the right balance between an hourly rate that’s not too high or too low. If a freelance Flutter developer sets their hourly rate too high, they risk scaring off potential clients; if they set their rates too low, they end up losing a well-deserved income.

As a business owner, you need to understand how these hourly rates work so that you can be certain that whatever you pay your Flutter developers is within the current market rates. Several key factors affect how much a Flutter developer earns per hour:

Negotiation Skills

Like any other job opportunity, a Flutter app development project requires excellent negotiation skills. When the developer presents their offer, you should be able to make a counteroffer that is reasonable enough to convince them to do the job.

If the developer balks at your offer, you shouldn’t assume that your only option is to increase the rate–it’s important to have facts that’ll justify your offer. For instance, you should equate your offer to what others in the industry are offering. 

Market Rate

As an employer, you should base your payments on prevailing market rates, other factors notwithstanding. While it’s okay to reward your employees with reasonable pay so that they can remain motivated, it’s also important to adhere to market standards and manage your finances properly. Therefore, make sure your offers are based on the current market rates at hand.  

Scope of Work

Unlike a fixed salary, an hourly rate is usually grounded on the amount of work done. If your app development project is too demanding, you’re likely going to pay more for each hour spent working on it. In short, the more daunting and multifaceted a project is, the higher the pay should be.

If the project demands more experience and special skills, you’ll be required to go for a more specialized Flutter developer, who’ll likely require a higher rate. Most freelance developers will charge for their services according to the value they provide. Choosing the lowest cadre of Flutter developers might save you a few coins but won’t guarantee you the best quality.


Flutter developers base their hourly rates on where they live. For instance, developers living in the United States won’t charge the same amount as their counterparts in Asia or Africa. Because the cost of living in the U.S. is higher than in developing countries, U.S.-based developers will usually need higher rates.

The current average hourly rate for Flutter developers in the U.S. is $51.13. However, some Flutter developers in the country are earning as high as $66.59 per hour, while others earn as low as $29.57, depending on the level of their skills and the company they work for. How much you pay per hour depends on the quality of services you need.

Luckily, you can find the best, most qualified Flutter developers to fit your budget on Guru. Browse through our online search full of available freelancers today, or post a free job listing and let them come to you!

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