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  • Article Editing
  • Article Proposals
  • Associated Press (AP) Style
  • Book Proposals
  • Business Writing
  • Character Design
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Community History
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Creativity
  • Developmental Editing
  • Fact Checking
  • Government Accountability
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  • Manuscript Editing- American or British

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Together we can make your manuscript shine. Just take a look at the testimonials of my clients. I'd love for you to be one too! My clients say they prefer a flat-fee based on word count for manuscripts...

    Business WritingChicago Manual of StyleCommunity HistoryDevelopmental EditingGovernment Accountability
  • Magazine & Newspaper Editing, AP Style

    $25/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Together we can make your stories and articles shine. Just take a look at the testimonials of my clients. I'd love for you to be one too!  As a news journalist for Media General Communications Corp.,...

    Article EditingAssociated Press (AP) StyleBusiness WritingCommunity HistoryGovernment Accountability
  • Fiction & Nonfiction Articles & Stories

    $35/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Together we can make your articles and storiest shine. Just take a look at the testimonials of my clients. I'd love for you to be one too! I prefer task-based charges by agreement beforehand over hourly...

    Business WritingCharacter DesignCommunity HistoryCreativityGovernment Accountability
  • Manuscript Synopsis & Cover Letters

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I want to make your synopsis and cover letter shine! There's nothing like having written a great book and not sending the right Cover Letter and Synopsis to an agent or publisher. There are certain things...

    Business WritingCover Letter WritingLetter WritingPersuasive WritingSummarizing
  • Book Proposals to Agents or Publishers

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I want to make your Book Proposal shine! A book proposal should only be sent to an agent or publisher after he or she has asked for one, following your Cover Letter and Synopsis. If you are asked to send...

    Article ProposalsBook ProposalsProposal WritingPublishingResearch
  • Investigative Journalism & News Features

    $80/hr Starting at $160 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    As a journalist with newspapers and magazines for almost 38 years I have interviewed people in multi-million- dollar manisions and homeless camps. I enjoy digging dirt out from under the rugs of shysters...

    Fact CheckingGovernment AccountabilityHard NewsInterviewingInvestigative Reporting


Writing or editing, I'll help you every step of the way from idea to publication and/or anything in between.


As a journalist for more than thirty-eight years, I can’t imagine ever tiring of reading, writing, or coaching other writers. While writing for Sunbelt Newspapers, The Tampa Tribune, The Observer News, and Media General Communications Inc. in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, I averaged writing two stories a week, plus an editorial while training new writers and editing other reporter’s work. I’ve also held a position as a developmental editor and marketing copywriter for Amazon’s very first publishing venture, BookSurge. There I learned how to edit manuscripts in Chicago style, most publisher’s favorite, in both American and British English along with the Associated Press style I had used in news. Fifteen years later, I’ve probably edited more than 300 books. I wrote for national magazines, including True Story, True Confessions, Gulf Coast Fisherman, and Today’s Christian Woman before they all went to an online format. I also have four published books of my own, published both traditionally and through self-publishing, all of which can be found on Amazon, my website, and others. Along the way, I missed training the new reporters ‘back in the day’ and developed a course I call, Write Your Heart Out, which I gave once a week at the Center 4 Lifelong Learning, a noncredit college for seniors in Sun City Center, Florida, and locally at various libraries. Following a massive auto wreck (not my fault!) in 2016 that has led to four surgeries, I chose to work only online and have had clients from many states here in the US and countries worldwide. I’ve had a profile here on Guru for many years on the side, and all my clients have left me good feedback. I hope you will check that out trust me with your jobs too.

Work Terms

Work terms: I have separated Writing & Editing Below
Writing jobs are done on a flat-fee basis decided by agreement here on Guru between us before the work begins. I don’t usually work hourly because I realize there isn’t any way an employer can know how many hours someone is working on their job or doing something else. I charge by the amount of work involved. Am I rewriting your first draft? Am I writing a short story from your notes, or maybe interviewing experts on the phone to lend weight to your nonfiction ideas? Perhaps it’s fiction, and you’re having trouble switching scenes or with a character’s dialogue, or you need to write a great lead or climax. How many words do you need in the final version, and what turn-around time do you require? These are the things we will decide together before setting a price on your job. I treat all my clients equally, whether it’s a $50 job or $500 or more. I work by milestones, with a down payment into Guru SafePay. We’ll have all that in writing on Guru before we start, so no one is ever disappointed. IF HOWEVER, you insist on paying an hourly rate (some employers do) I charge $30 an hour.

Editing jobs are charged by word count and I coach every edit. By that, I mean I leave lots of notes in the margin to explain why I do certain things so you’ll know in the future. I edit only in Word files, using Track Changes. You get two colors back, one for suggested additions and another for deletions. You OK them individually─ and tell me if you want something put back the way it was originally. After you go through the marked-up version and I make whatever changes you ask for, I send you a black copy, where spelling, spacing and punctuation have also been checked. I charge $50 for 5,000 words, in American or British English. For example, 10K = $50 x 2=$100. An 80K manuscript is 80,000 divided by 5,000=16. 16X $50= $800. Everything is in writing in a Guru agreement before we start so no one is ever disappointed.

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