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3D Visualizations & CGI

3D Architectural Visualizations, 3D Product Visualizations, Interactive Applications, 3D Videos, CGI, 3D Printing and much more!

We are specialists in creating imposing 3D visualizations, interactive applications and videos for Architecture, Furniture, Product Design, 3D Printing, 3D Characters and Film & Television.

We are a 3D graphic design company with lots of experience in different industries. This means we are able to deliver on time and we have the knowledge to take on different kind of projects. By using Skype, meeting up in person, using easy to understand Google Docs sheets, showing sketches of the project progress and by constantly updating our clients throughout the course of the project, we are able to form personal relationships, making sure we deliver quality visualisations, in time and within budget.

We evaluate and analyse each project, making sure the client is confident that we understand their requirements. Our aim isn't to meet the expectations, but to exceed them and assure that our work will help our clients to sell more, sell faster and make their company grow.

Whether we are working on a luxury interior design, laser product showcase video or an Unreal Engine interactive application for a property development company, we can be trusted to blow you and your clients away with the end result.

Design services:

?3D Interactive Applications for Computers and Mobile devices:

* These can be architecture related, product related or any other kind.

Interactive Applications which allow the to look around, change the objects, materials, colours, textures and adjust the lighting.

Flash Applications where different parts of the building can be seen. This enables the user to explore and modify the building.

3D Interactive Catalogues with various 3D apps, videos and other information integrated into them.

?3D/2D Floor Plan Visualizations
?3D Interior Visualizations
?3D Exterior Visualizations
?3D Furniture Visualizations
?3D Marketing and Presentational videos
?3D Product Visualizations
?3D Character Visualizations and Animations

Founded: 2015

Work Terms

We are available to work for 30+ hours per week, payment terms are discussed after we have familiarized ourselves and have fully understood the project. We can be contacted by PM, through our website, by email, over the phone or on Skype - cfd.studios.