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  • Illustration
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Art
  • Design
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Background
  • Canvas Art
  • Clothing Design
  • Cs5
  • Mixed Media
  • Murals
  • Sketch
  • Watercolor Art


  • Print ready Clothing Designs

    $20/hr Starting at $40

    I can conceptualize a clothing design for you, sketch up the idea and finalize the design in Adobe Illustrator CS5 to make it ready for print.

    Adobe IllustratorClothing DesignDesign
  • Other - Illustration

    $20/hr Starting at $40

    Will provide a full sketch of a concept that has been discussed per client's request. Proficient in most genres of illustration. Portraits will take much longer for strong detail. Cartoon illustration...

  • Other - Painting

    $40/hr Starting at $80

    Murals, canvas work, watercolor, mixed media ranging from a variety of styles and genres. Will work with most concepts.

    Canvas ArtMixed MediaMuralsWatercolor Art
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration

    $20/hr Starting at $40

    Character artwork, fan art and backgrounds. Great for concept designs. With communicating back and forth with the client during the creation process, together we will be able to have a quality product...



Appassionato Art and Music Promotions. Sponsors and Cross promotional co-creators with a focus of unity and giving back to the communities through music and art.

Appassionato has been found hosting a plethora of live events full of art and music from local talent for the last 4 years. There's a decent fan following with the clothing campaign as well as on-line interaction of musicians and artists work and since 2010 we have been gathering together under any given roof to create a positive impact and inspire creatively throughout our community. We are not a brand, a company, organization, foundation, charity or a business. We are not super heroes, know-it-alls, do-it-alls, or the end-all-be-alls of anything ever. We are a group of individuals who believe in an idea. We are co-creators who have faith in positive impact. We have so much energy to share & want to remind everyone that at the very core, that is all that we are. The concepts and approaches to get our message of positivity out have changed over the years, evolving to what you see as our efforts now. We are a symbol of peace, positivity, & creation. We resonate sound vibrations throughout and like all energy, cannot be destroyed. It's common knowledge that most people listen to and enjoy music, sound, vibrations, communication at the very least. It is a fact that everything on this planet, in the skies and the oceans, is comprised of vibrations. It's this unifying idea that drives us. If music is the universal language, then let us all communicate.

Work Terms

Mon-Sat 8am-8pm PST, paypal accepted on our website, available for design work, printing needs, artistic needs and much more.

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