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  • API
  • Architect
  • Architecture
  • C#
  • Engineering
  • Entity Framework
  • Healthcare Software
  • Integration Software
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft
  • Multithreading
  • Rest
  • Reverse Engineering
  • SaaS

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  • Microsoft Solutions Architect & Engineer

    $100/hr Starting at $4,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Aaron Zalewski is an architect and engineer utilizing the Microsoft stack to build and integrate numerous in-house and partner solutions. With a knack for reverse-engineering, integration and solutions...



Microsoft Architect & Engineer - Reverse-engineering, Integration and Solutions Architecture

Began coding professionally in 2001, incorporated in 2011 and have been continually self-employed full time as a consultant since. I am collaborative, but self-reliant. Reliable and ethical. I am very good at what I do and grateful to build assets with lasting value and strategic importance.

Work Terms

I am based in Nashville, TN but am free to travel. For waterfall projects: I prefer to be face to face during requirements gathering, then remote with regular check-ins during the engineering phase. In a SCRUM team: daily video contact and regular deliverables.

I only bill for those hours I work. My desire is to work 40, but for short periods I can work as few as 20 hrs per week while guaranteeing you are my sole client. My weekly status reports are detailed, almost like a Twitter feed of activity.

I am not looking for side-work, this is my primary occupation and means of employment.

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