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  • Client Requirements
  • Data Management
  • Design Process
  • Engineering
  • Microsoft Access
  • MongoDB
  • Monitoring
  • Operations Management
  • Performance Engineering
  • Performance Tuning
  • Reports
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Shell Scripting


  • MongoDB DBA - 3+ Years of experience

    $26/hr Starting at $30 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am solutions oriented, customer focused, Mongodb Database Engineer. I am well versed with: 1) Configurations and mongodb setup 2) Replica environments (Setup and Monitoring) 3) Sharding (Setup and

    Client RequirementsData ManagementDesign ProcessEngineeringMicrosoft Access


Highly skilled and Focused Mongodb DBA/Developer with deep Understanding of Database architecture, configuration, setup as per data size and requirement, performance optimization

My Certification Links:
M102 - MongoDB for DBAs (MongoDB (Oct - Dec 2014))

M123 – Getting started with MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB (June - July 2016))

MongoDB DBA/Developer:
? Install and maintain mongoDB.
? Atlas Certified - well versed with cloud deployment.
? Good exposure to CRUD, aggregation,JSON.
? MongoDB cluster administration and management
? Good experience in deploying replica set ( with and without arbiter)
? Good experience in deploying sharded cluster (with and without replica set) i.e. MongoDB scaling across data centers.
? Good understanding of storage engine ( MMAPV1 and Wired Tiger)
? Good experience in creating and managing of user management tasks.
? Expertise in managing shard cluster and replica set members.
? Expertise in upgrading MongoDB database while retaining the MMAPV1 storage engine as per application requirement.
? Expertise in upgrading MongoDB database in rolling fashion with wired tiger storage engine.
? Good understanding of Oplog and journals.
? Expertise in data migration from stress or development environment to production.
? Experience in troubleshooting of database Performance Issues.
? Good understanding of database utilities like explain, mongotop, mongostat, mongodump, mongorestore, mongoimport, mongoexport etc.
? Ensures Backup and purge old logs.
? Monitor and tune performance of MongoDB databases.

Work Terms

I would like to communicate through Email or guru.