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  • PCB Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Circuit Layout
  • Arduino
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Electrical
  • GUI
  • Microcontroller
  • Pcb Layout
  • Projection Design


  • Electrical Engineer

    $8/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    For the past 10 years of Hardware, Firmware, Technical and Theoretical practice in the field of Electrical Engineering I have acquired skills that makes me capable of providing service, implement analytical-theoretical...

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Product development - hardware lead engineer

Value Proposition:

It is Abbey’s best interest to help individuals addressing their needs in product development, particularly in the development of hardware design, be it: Circuit design, PCB layout, 3D modeling, and sourcing of manufacturers.


Abbey had a long career record and has acquired the necessary skills in product development through years of field experience and implementation. Apart from being an Electrical Engineer, he possesses a passion for developing products that have live-use applications.

Key qualification involves:
• A bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
• Over eight years of actual field experience.
• Adept in essential product development skills: Circuit Design, PCB Layout, and 3D
• Embedded System Implementation.
• Hardware skills involving 3D printing, Sheet metal fabrication, Arc/TIG welding, and
• A comprehensive understanding of manufacturing constraints, particularly in the use of
different materials for various applications as well as the challenges in manufacturing
specific designs.
• Works well with a team.
• Highly innovative thinking and is mindful of technological trends.
• Excellent troubleshooting skills.

Career experience highlights:
• Development of Smart Lechon Cooker.
• Development of a low-cost power quality monitoring device.
• Proof of concept: High-Efficiency Generator.
• Development of a low-cost adaptive light controller and lean angle monitoring for
motorcycle safety.
• Hydroponics automation system.
• Water parameter monitoring and control system for Koi ponds.
• Development of a plug-and-play Intravenous Fluid Regulator for wireless control.
• Development of a low-cost secondary voltage switchgear for emergency response
application for the electric distribution network.


Abbey understands that product development is both a financially and mentally draining undertaking. The whole product development

Work Terms

Can work more than 20 hours per week.