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Software development and IT Consulting

Nobody knows about all the technologies in the world, but for us it is important to understand the essence of these processes and the ability to think.

It was in 2003. The boom of Internet companies. The Post-Soviet countries were not an exception. Some were interested in the information technology market with the goal of building a business in a new sphere for themselves. Others, traditional companies, felt that it was technologies that would determine the winner from the follower. We clearly understood this and did not want to miss the emergence and development, in fact, of a new world.

At that time, many specialists in the field of information technology worked alone. Teamwork was a rarity. We chose our own path, which was thorny and required us to work out each new technology from start to finish. We refused to just adopt and adapt Western solutions, and instead of it we developed our own products for our customers.

In the epoch of .com boom in the territory of the post-Soviet space, a small team of developers, yesterday's freelancers, got together. At that moment, they decided to work alone at home - teamwork.

Founded: 2003

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Work Terms

Developing a comprehensive project from scratch is a complex and expansive task that requires specialized experience and extensive expertise. The implementation of complex and non-standard systems is possible only with a team of experts, and our engineers have many years of experience in developing integrated solutions. This allows us to establish a complete cycle of project development from the idea to the final product.

The main stages of developing an integrated product:
1) Integration and fine-tuning of the original idea
2) Discussion of the development process, technology, timing and cost
3) Selection of tools and technologies
4) Building a plan and timing of development, team selection
5) Attraction and supervision of the work of additional specialized professionals
6) Full testing of the product
7) Final documentation of the product