Adam C Teasdale

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Adam C Teasdale

I promise words & ideas. Any good copywriter promises nothing more, and it's why freelance is the way to go. After a review of your goals I will give you content to help get there.

Bachelors Degree in video production. Experience in improv comedy. Professional at a small dot com.

In a growing business you wear many hats. I like the ad copy hat so I'm focusing my efforts here.

I've written for a variety of professional & delightful purposes, including advertising.

My bag is full of many tricks. I am at your service.

Work Terms

$45 Start Fee. $15/hr. Deliverables provided on the due date via email.

My workload determines my availability. First and foremost I need from you a deadline. I will need an email summary (please no more than 3 full pages, and yes you can include websites to reference) of your current creative needs, specifically why you need a copywriter. General thoughts of "I want better content" are okay, but we will need to discuss things like who your target audience is and your brand voice.

I will confirm receipt of your email summary and reply within 24 hours if I am able to accept, and under what terms. The terms will include a minimum payment, estimated and maximum hours spent on the project, and a defined set of deliverables to conclude the work.

All I need is an email reply to confirm agreement and get started.

I will setup a meeting, phone call, face time, skype, g-chat, coffee?... something more tangible than an email so we can discuss the project with our personalities shining through.

Email is the best form of communication to reach me. I guarantee response to email within 24 hours. 7 days a week. Meetings & Phone calls are by appointment and setup

And lastly, a guarantee. If at the end of the process you feel the deliverables were not met, or you are dissatisfied with the work, I will waive the hourly fees and humbly ask for the agreed upon minimum.

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