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  • Architectural Design and Construction

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    i have exceptional skills and over 20years experience in planning, detailing and coordinating projects both in the private and public sector aided by my deep knowledge of building, engineering and architectural...

    Architectural DesignBuilding DesignConstructionCost EstimatingDesign
  • Career Counselling and Education

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    analyzing, planning, assessment and management of careers. I am into part-time teaching of architecture, construction and urban design/planning.

    Adult EducationCareer AssessmentCareer DevelopmentCareer Development ProgramCareer Education
  • Research and Writing

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am into research, article writing, content creation, proposal writing, project report and historical research writing with professional proficiency.

    Article WritingBlog WritingContent WritingCopywritingEditing


Adewumi Bamidele Jonathan is a master builder and and architect historian with over two decade robust experience. He is passionate about urban housing and urban history as platforms to reduce unemployment, under-employment, transform lives out of poverty and promote effective evaluation of urbanism within the context of MDGs and the SDGs agendas.

He is a full member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (MNIA) and dully registered with the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON). He is also an Associate Member of Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM) and a member of the Society of Architectural Historians (MSAH).

He has a Diploma in Architecture as well as a master and doctorate degree in Architecture. He started his architectural training at the Polytechnic (noww Rufus Giwa), Owo in Ondo state of Nigeria (1983-1985) and completed the same at the Civil Engineering Institute, Kharkov, Ukraine Republic in 1992.

He has designed and built dozens of residential buildings for all categories of income groups (low, medium and upper). The master plans of the Black Gold City in Niger Delta of Nigeria, A-Z Millenium Industrial Parks in Gelegele, Edo State of Nigeria and that of Egbema Smart City in Imo State of Nigeria testified to the depth of his concern for Urbanism.

He has both published and unpublished articles on urbanism within the context of the MDG’s and SDG’s with few other manuscripts including the following: The Evolution of Lago ‘de Curamo- The Historical Overview of the Development of Lagos; The Resume of Nigerian Traditional Architecture and so on.

He is looking to further his career with international firms and higher institution of leaning (part-time basis) with a need of experienced master builder's skill and architect historian.

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