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Do you want good writing, or writing that makes them say: yeah, I can feel exactly where they're coming from!

You are reading this right now and in your head there is a speaking voice. Listen to it closely. Is it flat? monotone? uninspired? Probably not. More likely, it is engaged with the text and trying to emulate the vibrancy of the tone and the playfulness of the style. This is what you will take away (hopefully).

Now, not all websites can be fun or should attempt to walk on that wild side.

Take (example site only, not meant to represent an actual website. And though I haven’t searched for it, I’m sure that it probably exists. So apologies in advance to the owners of example site). Perhaps not the wisest move for this particular organization to create content that is edgy or overly enthusiastic—that would in fact be a really bad idea.

However, there is always that need for good writing

I implore you, whether you are a funeral home, a construction company or an app developer, just make sure that the writing is good, make sure that it flows, that on some level it inspires…do it for the health and well being of inner voices everywhere.