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Al The Ghost

I help people inspirational people write their stories.

After nearly a decade working as a journalist, Al had a realization.

He read a novel with a protagonist who wrote obituaries for a living. It was a fascinating tale, recounting the lives of interesting women and men who had passed away. As much as he loved the story, Al was saddened.

Al thought, if only those people could have read and shared those stories while they were still alive.

If only the protagonist could give people their flowers while they could smell them.

Not long after, Al was asked by an interview subject to help write her memoir. During the process, he noticed his skills as an interviewer and writer being put to use but he also noticed something else. He noticed it felt right.

He became a memoir ghostwriter and hasn't looked back since.

Today, memoirs are making waves. On bestseller lists, in marketing plans, beside photo albums in the family den and even as a cathartic exercise, the reasons for writing a memoir are as various as the lives they cover.

You're already aware of this, that's one reason you're here.

The other two reasons are because you are missing one or both of the following:

1. Time

2. Writing Ability

Let Al help you fix that.

Al has an English degree from Loyola Marymount University, ten years of journalism experience, and a genuine passion to help you tell your story.

Let Al give you your flowers while you can still smell them.

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I am professional. I expected to be treated and compensated as such.