Alan Short

Huntington, Indiana, United States

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Alan Short

We help entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders truly see the business for what it is in terms of what is currently occurring and the possibilities and opportunities that exist

Business Can Be Hard
Business is about constant, never-ending problem solving. Taiichi Ohno said “problems are treasures”.
We should not try to avoid the word problem. Problems can be big ones such as declining revenues, quality or customer service crises, employee theft, audits, delivery snafus, etc. Most problems are smaller and frequently the root cause of bigger problems. Regardless, problems, when faced squarely and with the right mindset, tools, and capabilities, are nothing more than the means to make our businesses better. Problems that can hurt our businesses need to be called problems and solved. Other types of problems are those that prevent us from being where we would like to be but quite often we cannot see them as clearly as we need to. These problems are opportunities.
With us you will learn to identify and eliminate waste and variation - the two business viruses that most often sicken or kill a business - and focus on that which adds the most value and leads to optimal business health. You will learn and implement the actions, capabilities, and characteristics that are most crucial to enable you to achieve the success you seek, however you define it.
We have systems and processes that work and the knowledge and experience to ensure you understand and make them work for you.
• Generate Revenue – Comprehensive Marketing Systems
• See, Simplify, & Systematize – Eliminate Waste & Variation
• Build Assets, Manage, Keep, & Invest $ – Financial Acumen
• Human Development, Training, Facilitation, & Team Building
• Intelligent Operating Systems – Process To Result Linkage
• Clear & Accurate Thinking – Strategic Thinking and Execution Based On Truth & Systems
• Guidance – Executive, Management, Leadership, & Business
• Enjoyment – Certified Life Coach

Founded: 2010

Work Terms

Negotiated terms depending on complexity, scope, and breadth of client engagement. We are fair, we provide high value, and we guarantee what we do.
Typically we are available work days in the U.S. with flexibility depending on agreed-upon terms. We understand and work with clients all over the world so we understand and work with your time zones for on-line interaction and we travel when necessary.
We are easy to work with and we believe in enjoyment of business yet we are serious and disciplined business people.
Our philosophy is: Entrepreneurship, business ownership, and business leadership are high-order callings because the businesses they lead provide incredible value to the individuals they serve, the communities in which they operate, and society at large. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders deserve to have businesses that confer to them both monetary gain and personal satisfaction as a result of delivering desired products and services. Business should provide the ability for the entrepreneur, business owner, and business leader to meet personal and lifestyle goals. Business should be as complex as necessary to ensure growth, survivability, and interest and be as simple and clear as possible to run. A business should be a short and long-term asset to the owner and operators.
Unique And Typical Outcomes For Clients
• Inoculate businesses against Stultifying Waste© and The Variation Virus© through Lean Thinking & variation reduction • Help business owners & leaders see what is important so they can do what is essential • Provide clear insight & visibility • Clear vision & road map • Increased revenue • Increased throughput • Increased control + trust what is delegated • Decreased Costs • Decreased Lead Times • Increased Quality • Smooth & understandable systems that work • Clear & accurate thinking • Increased enjoyment • Increased responsiveness, agility, Innovation, and (continued) Lean Transformation • Business that supports life

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