Alexander Constantine Cascio

Denver, Colorado, United States

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Alexander Constantine Cascio

Quality innovation for the information generation.

I grew up in a very busy family who rarely spent time at home. As a result, when I was young, I quickly learned how to use, tinker, and modify computers. When I entered high school, the seed for development was planted in me, as I began writing modifications, and building on various APIs for games and 3D design tools.
When I entered college, I started my degree in Biochemistry. I had a tendency to always want to delve deeper into a subject, as to understand all aspects of it to the fullest extent in which I can. This lead me to begin my studies in Pure and Applied Physics, with a focus on nuclear and particle physics. During my junior year in the field track, I began an internship in the low temperature physics lab at U.C.D. testing and designing probe devices for S.Q.U.I.D devices (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device). This, mixed with my courses in computational physics, lead me take another look at my history, and the general field of software development. I then realized that everything revolved around software in the further frontiers of research and engineering. I then decided to take a few courses in Programming and Hardware Design (Digital Logic with VHDL and Verilog). Eventually, my career outlook fully incorporated computers in both software and hardware, which then turned into another major of mine.
Since then, I have been working on a large variety of applications and languages, with a passion for heavy data, gaming, and general applied science applications (Networking/cloud computing, security, large data analysis, heavy graphics + optimization, etc.). I always find something to drive me in every project I receive, and will therefore always strive to provide a reliable, high quality, and well documented product for all those I work with.

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All pay depends entirely on the project. This includes complexity, relevance, estimated time, customer relationship history length, skills used, etc.

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