Alexei Krasnikov

Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El, Russian Federation

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Alexei Krasnikov

I write good, but not complex programs and sites for cheap

I'm student from Russia. It is very hard to live there, so I decided to become some kind of freelancer. I'm participant of all-Russian school Olympiad's regional ("region" is some kind of state, like California) level. I finished computer classes (not "I bought my first computer only yesterday, how should I use it??" but "History of computers, how does computer work; Logo, Office, Flash, Corel, Photoshop, Arduino, Pascal, HTML, PHP, Javascript, SQL). So, I'm really good at computers.
I'm living poor life in 55 m^2 apartments with my mum and sister, using my "absolutely good" computer, which even can run GTA V (20 FPS, lol). Every day I see tons of people like "in Putin [like God] we trust", "Obama is monkey [sounds with rhyme in Russian, like "Obama obezyana"][really, 50% of population believe that all Russian problems are caused by President of US], "Crimea is ours", etc. I'm so tired of being there. So, I want to go Europe, US or Canada. If you have some work for me, I will be appreciate. Remember, you can give me a chance to live in normal, non-totalitarian country.

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