Alexis Zarkov

Boulder, Colorado, United States

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Alexis Zarkov

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women. (Or men, if we're Amazons.)

I am a mad scientist, with a doctorate in mathematics, an extensive knowledge of theoretical physics, English literature, and philosophy, a familiarity with ten or fifteen programming languages and an acquaintance with theoretical computer science good enough to have ghostwritten a doctoral thesis, and have written advertising copy, film criticism, short fiction, long letters, screenplays, marketing projections, and the libretto for an opera. I have been a consultant involved with projects involving the detection of gravitational radiation, RNA and protein folding, numerical methods in general relativity, image compression, computational fluid dynamics, seismic imaging, and meteorology, and when I had to sweep floors for a living I was probably the greatest janitor of modern times. I have tried to learn something about everything interesting, and though I’m still working on string theory landscapes and the use of Crispr in gene editing, success is not that far off. Whatever it is, I can probably do it. I particularly excel at ghost writing.

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Schedule is flexible. Communication by email. Reimbursement via PayPal.