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  • Communication Consultant

    $50/hr Starting at $400 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    A proffesional with more than 400h consultant hours about behaviorism, psychology, bodylanguage, neuromarketing and managamenet skills.

    Business RescueCommunication SkillsConsultantCost ManagementCrisis Management


A professional trainer with more than 300 lecture hours of experience. With behavior, profiling and non-verbal communication expertise I thrive for new challenges every day. I write reviews, articles, a blog and do a lot of research work to stay updated with current trends.

Trough my services I can teach and deliver knowledge to your employees with the goal to improve their soft skills. These very important but often neglected skills are key for better communication, sales, creativity and negotiations.

I have spent more than six years learning about body language, facial expressions, and human behavior. Paul Ekman, B. F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov and J. B. Watson are just some of the names I look up to. I helped more than 20 companies (Gedeon Richter, Rugby Union Slovenia, Faculty od Economics, Faculty of Law etc.) and more than 100 individuals, to achieve their goals.

As a hard worker that constantly pursuits new opportunities, I strive to always improve myself. I am regarded as a highly proactive person, capable of handling and lecturing groups. Talkative and naturally curious is my middle name. My value adding assets are high level of motivation, dedication and focused work.

Work Terms

30% avans 70% after the job is done.