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  • Academic Editing
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  • English Grammar
  • English Spelling
  • Fashion Design
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  • Spelling and Grammar Proofreading

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    Proofreading for spelling, grammar, content, and formatting. Adaptable to many different styles including formal, informal, academic, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Familiar with writing and editing academic...

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Passionate about reading, writing, and learning; more passionate about spelling and grammar; most passionate about semicolon use and the oxford comma.

I taught myself to read by the age of 4, and never looked back. Writing assignments were my favorite throughout high school and college, and my classmates often looked to me when they needed help with proofreading and editing what they had written. In my first full-time job, my manager quickly caught on to the fact that I was pointing out her spelling and grammar errors and began sending me her email drafts to proofread and edit before they were sent to their final destination. Now, I am in a fully online graduate degree program, where I usually take the responsibility of proofreading, editing, and formatting any group work before submitting. I also have had to get better at fully communicating my knowledge and intent in writing, since many of my grades now cannot take into account things like body language and speaking tone. So, with all the practice I've had in the last 20 years, you can be confident in my abilities to make sure your work is the best it can be!

Work Terms

Available for contact 9-5 M-F, available by appointment outside of those times. Available to work just about any time.

Preferred contact is email or LinkedIn Messaging. Also available by call or text.