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  • Excel Services

    $10/hr Starting at $25


    ChartsExcelExcel ChartsExcel SheetFormula
  • Excel Macros

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I offer to utilize Excel-VBA macros to: • Build custom formulas. • Build Add-ins. • Build User Interfaces and Forms. • Automate repetitive tasks. What you will also get: •

    AutomationExcel MacroForm CreationForm CustomizationFormula


Excel, for me, is not another application, it is a PASSION!

Since 2000, I manage data, I analyze data, and Excel is my tool of choice.

Here is what I skillfully and enjoyably do with Excel:

• Formulas & Arrays: Smart and optimized utilization.

• Datasets: Import, Format, Merge, Split, Power Query, Power Pivot, Pivot Table.

• Charts: Built-in, Composite, In-cell, Pivot, and Interactive.

• VBA Macros: Custom formulas, Add-ins, User Interfaces & Forms, and Automation.

• Data Profiling, Data Quality Assessment, and Data Cleansing.

• Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).