Andrew LaHaye

San Diego, California, United States

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Andrew LaHaye

Systems Thinker - Collaborative Visualiser - Analytical Superhero

A sound strategy takes clear thought, and that's what I help facilitate. Without it, we slave away on unnecessary tasks that don't improve what is required to make a more durable, profitable and value-aligned business. Through intelligent conversation and extensive visual analysis, I will conduct an analytically rigorous and highly creative breakdown of your company.

The goal is four-fold:
- To comprehend and clarify your company's current structure
- To unearth the best ways to adjust it for maximal improvement - by whatever way you
may measure improvement
- To prioritize the necessary changes
- To begin implementing those changes

Take the time to analyze the system you've created. This is more than a business plan re-write or a financial analysis. I want to evaluate the structure and potential of the system itself, which takes looking at information from new angles.

My job is simply to harness the latent knowledge you and your industry hold, by clarifying what is blurry and overlooked.

Work Terms

Primary Services:

- A free 30 min value assessment - we talk about why you're doing what you're doing, and personal values.

- An analytically rigorous and highly creative business breakdown.

* Sessions conducted in person or by video conference *

** Expect this process to take, at the least, one day. Timing greatly depends on the detail and sophistication of your operation **

Optional services:

- Research on the latest tools to streamline your company

- A beautifully designed visual representation of your company and its new strategy - this acts as a visual aid for you and your team. It can also be a valuable marketing tool highlighting a commitment to business transparency.