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    $60/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Mature, talented, dynamic Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada with MBA and Diploma in Management Science willing to undertake accounting and financial advisory contracts on a one of or ongoing...

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We help small and medium businesses soar to their maximum potential

Silver Fox Accounting is a boutique accounting firm. We originated our firm from under another banner, Our friend asked how can you communicate all the experience you gained while you got grey? That was the naming event for Silver Fox Accounting.
I became a Certified Professional Accountant more than 40 years ago after a whirlwind career in IT and a great deal of education. The firm is run jointly with my wife, Andrea. The strategy behind this approach is that I occasionally speak like an accountant and she translates into plain English so our customers can understand the proposed strategies.
I think of myself as the swiss army knife of accountants because of my training and experience in many areas. We handle accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, financial planning, tax planning. cash management, and cost accounting. We also love handling unusual clients such as a talent agent and a sports agent rolled into one. Because we are a boutique firm, we enjoy cross-recommending clients where appropriate.
We have had a client come in with many years of receipts and unopened CRA letters in a shopping bag, not even a nice shoebox. We completed their books and tax returns from there.
For CRA issues, we have thawed frozen bank accounts within 1 week for clients in Ontario and Quebec. We believe in working with the CRA in a cordial and friendly manner to resolve problems as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We have also released a salary garnishment in less than one week. Obviously, these instances vary by the individual case and how angry the client got the assigned collector. In all cases, we try to maintain a friendly collegial relationship. The reason for this is our recognition that taxes must be paid and our job is to keep it to the legal minimum.
For other clients, we have undertaken numerical analysis, policy or governance development, the creation and accounting for a non-profit organization. We also provided business valuations on the purchase of a restaurant.

Founded: 2013

Meet the Team

  • Andrea Silman

    Andrea Silman

  • Andy Silman

    Andy Silman

Work Terms

Work divided into phases and payment is for each completed phase only after the client is completely satisfied.

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