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  • Strong Voice for any Project

    $12/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    My background is in experiential education, wilderness guiding, therapeutic programming, holistic health,healing, and all things adventurous. I'm always looking for the best ways to teach, facilitate...

    Academic WritingBloggingCopywritingE BooksHealth Journalism
  • Content for Blogs and Websites

    $15/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Let's drive traffic to your site. If you need to bring traffic to make sales, are generating leads for future references or have any other reason you need content, I can supply it. I can provide you with...

    Article EditingArticle RewritingArticle SpinningBlogsContent Writing


You only look for solutions when what you see are problems. What if all you saw was opportunity?

My name is Angel Black. I've been a wilderness guide. I have traveled. I've been a professional Dominatrix. I've hung out in live music scenes, dated poets, and have lived an obsessively authentic lifestyle. I've been a facilitator of the most dynamic sort, working with individuals with autism, at risk teens, couples wading their way through the waters of BDSM, you name it. I have seen it all. But the main and most important thing of all about me is; I have always lived my essence, and I have always been rewarded for it. When all is said and done: I am an educator. I'm an educator in the sense that it's just innately what I do, no matter what I do. I currently work as a farm educator on a working organic farm. I teach children about growing food, sustainability and use terms like "carbon foot print" and "food ethics" I am passionate about organic lifestyles, health, quantum healing, and metaphysics. I have a deeper understanding of gender and sexuality than most people and have thrown myself into anything I have ever wanted to do.

I love to discuss the world we live in, or the world you live in. We might bot be living in the same world after all. My goal is that we share the same community, and that we like it! I have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics, but the're educated and bring a colorful hue to the black and white backdrop of print, in my opinion anyway.

I am also able to focus and get down to business. I can write a steamy sex scene, create a dental website that makes you remember how bad you need a cleaning and share a wealth of gardening advice and how to's that will have you ordering up that soil testing kit you were on the fence about, in no time!

This would be the place in another format that I would insert a big smiley face, but since this is a pitch to sell myself as a legit writer, I'll refrain and hope that my attempt to convey my smiling attitude is simply obvious. Wink. Wink.

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