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eCommerce Specialist (Magento, Open Cart, WP)

My promise to you:
1. 100% Money Back Warranty
2. One of the best quality/price ratio on the market
3. I will not bid before I read your project description and make sure that everything is clear. Also I make sure I can deliver what is required in good quality and on time.
4. If my skills are marginally below the optimal level for your project I will let you know and explain how it will affect the time I need to catch up.
5. I always try to find the best way to do something. If your proposed solution is not the best one I will explain other alternatives to you but in the end the decision will be yours.
6. If during a project we find you need further assistance I am flexible in expanding the scope of the project. In any event after I formally deliver what was promised I will never leave you in the void.
7. FREE warranty for the lifetime of the application.

Founded: 2004

Work Terms

I am available through Skype, email or phone daily from 9:00AM - 9:00PM EST. I can communicate in English and French. Milestones will be defined based on project.