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  • Freelance Romance & Erotica Writer

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I offer freelance writing services in the romance and erotica genre - e-books, articles, blogs, social media post, love letters, essays, personalized erotica, ghostwriting. My work has appeared on numerous...

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Let's Light the Fuse

Hi, I'm Anne Cherri - freelance erotica and romance writer. My stories have appeared on numerous websites, as well being available on Amazon. Heat Up Your Kindle!

My sinfully sexy characters and stories are a colorful conglomeration of everyday people, places, and happenings mixed with a little intrepid imagination. What one person sees as an ordinary trip to the grocer, I very well may interpret as a secret tryst to encounter a lustful stranger.

When I'm not busy characterizing life, I enjoy unplanned adventures, familiar music, amateur photography, and manic cupcake baking. .. because life is all about the frosting.

Let's light the fuse ~Cherri Bom ~ Explore the Explosion

Love, Anne xxxooo