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  • Elixir Programming
  • Erlang
  • Phoenix
  • RabbitMQ


  • Erlang/Elixir development

    $30/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Expert in architecting, developing and deploying scalable and fault-tolerant applications in Erlang and Elixir. Developing in Erlang for more than 7 years.

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Developing distributed software that easily scales to millions

Hello, I'm Anton.

I'm an experienced backend developer for more than 10 years.

My priority is your business success.

What can I do:
• architect whole web or mobile project from scratch
• build RESTfull or GraphQL API for your project
• integrate any payment / map or GIS / other 3rd party API
• develop modern reactive web frontend from design mockups
• configure scalable, fault-tolerant and cost-efficient backend architecture based on AWS / Google AE / Digital Ocean / IBM SoftLayer / anything else
• assist with database administration of PostgreSQL / MySQL (MarinaDB) / CouchDB / MongoDB
• set up CI / DI pipeline based on Jenkins / AWS Code Pipeline / anything
• do any kind od Linux / FreeBSD DevOps and administration
• make your development process less painfull by enhancing code quality and adding all necessary kinds of tests to the project

I always do my best for my awesome clients by applying best practice and using the most applicable tools.

I can do my work with any tech stack you need but prefer to work with
* Elixir / Phoenix / Ecto (4 years of experience)
* Elm (2 years of experience)
* React / React Native (2 years of experience)
* Bootstrap / Google Material Components / HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JS / jQuery/ etc (10 years of experience)
* Erlang / Cowboy / Kazoo / RabbitMQ (7 years of experience)
* Python / Flask / SQLAlchemy (10 years of experience)
* AWS / Digital Ocean / GAE (5 years of experience)

Looking forward to helping with your projects.