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Welcome to ARACHNID. Online & Content! :)

In early 2014 I finished a three-year contract and realised, after some twenty years of working, that office life is, of course, a Very Bad Idea.

While mulling the meaning of life in the shower (is it just me?) I noticed a small spider in the corner of the ceiling and nearly threw it out of the window only to stop and wonder why - because it was unsightly? Inconvenient? Unfamiliar? I put it back, resolving to share my new morning routine with more grace.

Our arachnophobic tendencies stem from anxiety about shape, form, speed and unpredictability of movement, yet from spider webs we make anything from violin strings to bullet-proof vests. Instead of navigating office politics and small-talk about weekends and viewing habits, I began to appreciate the agility, sophistication and startling beauty with which our eight-legged friends orchestrate their lives.

A few seasons on, with a few free-thinking friends, I'm weaving together threads of work and play in our own unfamiliar, beautiful little corner of the web – feel free to drop me a line and say hello.

Founded: 2014