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  • Actor
  • Artist
  • Audacity
  • Equipment Management
  • Point of Sale Solutions (POS)
  • Voice-Over


  • Voice Actor/Voice Artist

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I'm a voice actor with a deep and masculine voice. I've good experience with Audacity, my equipment is as follows: Microphone - AudioTechnica ATR2100X Headphones - Sennheiser GSP300 Pop Filte

    ActorArtistAudacityEquipment ManagementPoint of Sale Solutions (POS)


Strong Work Ethic - Dedication Under Pressure - Delivering On Time

Arsalan is a graduate in 'Accounting & Business Finance' from Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, currently pursuing the ACCA Professional Papers, having passed 1 out of the 4 Professional Papers.

He achieved an IELTS score of 7.5 'Overall' with 8.5 in 'Speaking' in 2019, also holding a 'Certificate in Compliance' and an IT Certification. He wrote a Research Dissertation in the final year of his university, titled "Communication Skills of Graduating Accountants in Malaysia;..."

His interests lie in fragrances, voice work, fitness and Formula 1.