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  • Debugging
  • C Programming
  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • Copy Typing
  • Language Learning
  • Matplotlib
  • Programming
  • Python Numpy
  • Slider Design
  • Web Form Design


  • Bug Fixing

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    I can fix the bugs in your code and write detailed comments in your code for the following programming languages: 1.C 2.JAVA 3.Python

    C ProgrammingCopy TypingDebuggingJavaPython
  • Programming Languages

    $8/hr Starting at $30

    In the following programming languages, I have worked a lot and a vast experience. 1) C 2) C++ 3) Python (including Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib) 4) Java

    C++DebuggingJavaLanguage LearningMatplotlib