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  • PSSE Power System Studies

    $20/hr Starting at $40 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    - Grid Modelling (Modelling of Generators, Modelling of  Transformers, Modelling of Transmission Lines and Modelling of Load and) - Load Flow and Contingency Analysis - Short Circuit, Fault Level - Transient...

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Power System Engineer

Power System Engineering. Working on PSSE, ETAP and PSCAD.
Power Systems Engineer working as Real Time Operation Engineer (Control Room Operator) in National Load Dispatch Center -Sudan. Experienced with monitoring and control of power system grids Transmission (Generation Dispatch, Switching and Voltage Control) and Distribution. Also, I am preparing myself to be power system studies engineer.
Working as Real Time Operation Engineer. my Duties are :
• Observing and Operating the National Grid on different Voltage Levels (500kv, 220kv,
110kv, 33kv, & 11 KV), and coordination of generation between various power stations
(thermal and hydro) for preparing shutdown/synchronization plants of generation units.
• Changing modes of operations of generating units including AGC operation.
Also I work as Electrical Engineer
Company Name Sudanese Hydro Power Generation Company (SHGC - Sudan) Full-time
Dates Employed Sep 2016 – Jun 2017
Employment Duration10 mos
• Preparing, planning, and executing maintenance of electrical work of Spillway doors, Deep Sluice doors, Cranes, Lighting, Medium and Low voltage switchgear and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
• Operational supervision of Spillway doors, Deep sluice doors (SCADA) and Cranes.
• Ensure 100% safety & prevent h
• Preparing, Planning, and executing outages in different levels of the grid (generation and
• Ensure 100% safety & prevent Human Error in execution of operations in different level of
• Executing the outages as per work schedule in coordination with Field Staff.
• Following the necessary procedures and instructions in order to maintain safety and
reliability of the grid.
• Preparation of daily report showing the total energy demanded, fuel consumed by the
different thermal plants, trips and outages in transmission, forecasts of demands and other
related information.
• Remaining the grid in stable, and returning it after disturbances or blackout.