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  • Bootstrap
  • Database
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Django
  • Financial Management
  • Information System Design
  • Javascripts
  • Mobile
  • Network Planning And Design
  • Oracle Dba
  • Splunk
  • Visualization


  • System Analyst and Framework Designer

    $20/hr Starting at $1,000

    I believe that every element of our universe is itself a unique system for a unique task. This inspires me to visualize, understand and design a system, which is possible to transfer into a digital system...

    DesignDigitalFinancial ManagementInformation System DesignMobile
  • Web Framework Developers

    $15/hr Starting at $300

    We are working on several web framework-based development and support systems. Our web framework expertise considers bootstrap, kickstart, django, splunk and many more.



A Collaborative Development

We converted our decade experience in the filed of information technology into a digital firm to provide our expertise in true sense to the end user. This is realized by means of collaboration of innovative minds of India.

Founded: 2015

Meet the Team

  • Nilesh


    Founder CEO

  • Kaushik


    Managing Director

  • Rajdeep



  • Pranav


    Android on Path

  • Virat


    iOS on Touch

  • Bhavesh


    PHP on Web

Work Terms

Working Capability: 40 Hours/Week
Work charges: @ USD30/Hour
Work Conditions: Our quality does not compromise time but it needs sharp specifications of needs of a client. 20% of advance payment of total number of work-hours, decided prior to the work. Remaining 80% of payment will be done in one shot after successfully completion of work (including design, development, tasting and closing agreement). Thank You.