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B Marketing Consulting

Be smart. Be simple. Be relevant.


B Marketing Consulting’s founder, Keisha Ifill, has a Bachelor of Science majoring in marketing, with over fifteen years of marketing experience. With a proven track record of success combined with a true passion and love for what she does, companies have smiled because their profit margins smiled. Keisha believes that combining a proactive attitude with the desire to stay ahead of the bell curve produces a continuum of remaining current in the ongoing evolution of marketing. This is why B Marketing’s slogan is “Be smart. Be simple. Be relevant.”

Keisha doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel, she just believes in making that same wheel more appealing.


After enjoying working for companies in various industries (i.e. financial services, fabric technologies, retail, marketing technologies), Keisha noticed a growing trend in small business owners being in need of marketers without the budget for it; while also learning of mass layoffs in large corporations, especially within the marketing department. Recognizing these needs and knowing her level of expertise and capabilities, she knew that she had something to offer. Accordingly, Keisha kicked into high gear and thus, established B Marketing Consulting.

Founded: 2010

Work Terms


$75 for one hour. The purpose of the initial consultation is to conduct an in depth needs assessment; fully determine what the ask is and propose a high level overview of a solution to your needs. Strategy, execution, and timeline will be discussed during kickoff meeting.


$100 per hour for 20 hours or less a week

$40 per hour for 40 hours or more a week


Silver: $1000 per month for your choice of two services

Gold: $3000 per month for up to five services

Platinum: $5000 per month for access to all services offered