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  • Artist / Concept Art / Illustration

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    With a passion for illustration and comics. I try to work through different genres largely focused on capturing the story within a moment.


Born in Singapore, 1981. I've always aspired to be an artist. How it brings a smile to others and manifests ideas motivates me to think out of the box. Doodling on whatever was at hand, my schoolbooks were riddled with drawings of comic heroes and cartoons. That had earned me quite a few hard lectures but I wanted to earn my way as an artist. So I sharpened my pencils and went on my merry way.

My work largely revolves around the discovery of who I am as an artist. Without any intention to pursue any particular genre.
I try to discover and learn from what i see, read or simply come across. Over time this has allowed me to develop a style that fits me.

H.R Giger and Rococo has largely influenced me over time. The appreciation for complexity from simple schools of thought and technique. Breaking down personality, mood, expression through character or environment and using these elements in a particular moment to tell a scene, message or story.

Pencil, Inks and Digital Painting gives me space to explore yet produce work at a fair pace whilst maintaining focus on the personality of the work. Molding forms, colour palettes and watching it come together still enlivens me.

Being placed in various jobs to conceptualization for live-motion film, 3D animation and publishing has allowed me to grow these skills, all while venturing from children's entertainment to horror as well as a large variation of genres.