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Bentsys is a leading, independent mobile development company based in India. Incorporated over six years ago and three offices in India, we have grown from being a small software house to being a reputed IT company with an impressive client list, spanning many industries. Our track record and success is reflected in our record of unbroken profitability and organic growth.

Our strong technical expertise and large scope of successfully developed projects are the keys to the quality services we provide to our clients. What sets us aside is our focus, vision and capability to deliver. We are highly accredited, come highly recommended and invest heavily in both product development and our first class consultants.

Our assigned support specialist will direct your support issues from beginning through to the best resolution. Each will give you the support needed to successfully implement your mission-critical project. Every step of every calls have a built-in time frame for completion of the task, which helps them ensure that your needs are quickly accomplished.

We try to offer our clients an optimal solution not only in quality, but also in price. We use the best modern technologies and products. We keep track of the leading international standards and are able to give an expert opinion on every suggested solution.

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Work Terms

Fixed Price Model:

The Fixed Price model is most suited where the scope and specifications of the project are very clear and specific enabling us to complete it within pre scheduled timeframe. When your need is clearly specified in sufficient detail, bentsys estimates the project scope and complexity, and provides a project delivery schedule along with the fixed price for the complete product development.


Fixed Time and budget estimation before project kick off.
Familiar requirements ( we have done projects like this before) or clear requirements (detailed analysis and application design )
Milestoned tied payments
Fixed scope
Establishment of mutually agreed fixed costs on the basis of Project size, scope and complexity.


Budget Predictability.
Low perceived risk
Encourages clarity of specifications and requirements before project execution.
Strengthens project execution due to clarity of specification

Time and Material Models

The Time & Material model is usually adopted for product development when the client is not very clear on the specifications, scope and implementation plans at the time of signing the project or requirements may change dynamically during the project implementation process. We offer its skilled resources, and the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on the pre-negotiated and mutually agreed hourly rate.
bentsys also provides you with the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price model once the project scope becomes clearly defined and the requirements are firmed up.


Cost is the function of time and resources deployed
Flexible resource allocation
Ideals for small jobs / tasks based approach
Regular updates to client


High degree of flexibility
Accommodate unplanned activities rapidly
Adjust project resources
More control over implementation
Less expensive than fixed