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    we offer an array of best BIM outsourcing services that are capable of delivering modern construction projects. With an in-house team of BIM experts having high-level BIM expertise, we plan and design...

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BIM VIZ is an innovative company providing revolutionary solutions and inventive consultancy to streamline project delivery. We help owners, architects, engineers and contractors harness lea

BIM is an abbreviation for Building Information Modeling, and is widely used in the building life cycle.
Until now, architectural design, construction planning, and maintenance have been done with two-dimensional drawings.
BIM builds a database of buildings by adding attribute information such as room names, areas, materials, member specifications, and performance to the digital 3D model.
This makes it possible to visualize and manage all phases of planning-design-construction-maintenance with integrated data, which greatly improves productivity.

In addition to being an intelligent 3D model, BIM can be paired with advanced “VISUALIZATION” and planning tools to help our project teams visualize and simulate how to continuously improve the delivery process. By leveraging BIM to visualize work plans and site logistics, we enhance our ability to plan for site access and staging/laydown areas, resulting in a leaner and safer jobsite. When integrated with the schedule, BIM enables a 4D sequencing process that can help the team discover potential schedule improvements.

The BIM VIZ provides customized Building Information Modeling solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. We operate as an expansive BIM studio for clients around the globe.

Founded: 2019

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