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  • Amazon Web Services Implementation

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Need help implementing the Cloud parts of your application or just need advice? I can help you with EC2, RDS, ECS, S3, CodePipeline, and more. I'm an Amazon Web Services Certified Developer Associate...

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PHP Developer and AWS Certified Developer - Associate

I am a PHP developer with a focus on the Laravel framework. I have additional experience in frontend technologies such as HTML, Javascript & CSS (4 Years).

Though I had known the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for years, in 2015 I really began my software development journey by going through multiple tutorials and online courses. A year later, I got my first client in a small manufacturing company that was using Microsoft Excel and Access to manage all aspects of their business (orders, purchasing, inventory, etc.). I created a Laravel-based internal-only website running on AWS that fixed their data inconsistency problems along with making the data much more accessible. From there, I developed more skills and expanded my freelancing resume.

In 2019, I decided that although I had been using AWS for years, that I wanted to validate my knowledge with a certification. I successfully gained that certification in July 2019 and have continued expanding my AWS experience since.

Other technologies that I have worked with in the past include:

Python - FastAPI, Flask
Javascript - Node.js, TypeScript, jQuery
Web Servers - Apache, NGINX
AWS - Lambda, API Gateway, S3, ECS, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, Route53, IAM, CloudFormation, SNS, SQS,

Work Terms

I'm open to all methods of communication. I usually do my freelance work in the evenings and give daily updates. Most days, I have about 3-4 hours to put towards projects.