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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Breanne Carlson

Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation/sprites, Games, IT/web, and more!

Hi, I'm Breanne! (AKA Cari Garafalo) Just call me Cari. :)
I'm your multi-purpose artist! Any style, any format, for any use, I can do it all. I specialize in the 2D visual arts, and can work in artisan crafts, too!
I have a combined 20+ years experience in Art and 9+ years in IT.

If you have a project that you really care about and want someone to delve deep and get it done right (and fast!), I'm your artist! I put a crazy amount of thought, effort, and care into everything I work on, so I don't waste time-- I get it done right the first time!

My abilities, enthusiasm, attention to detail, efficiency, and affordability will all ensure you get the very best. What it boils down to is that I'll complete what you need done, and do so in ways that saves you money, resulting in better profits for you from the finished work. Just have a look at my portfolio and you'll see a long list of what I've done for my happy customers. My prerequisites speak for themselves!

I look forward to working with you because I'm sure you care about your project, or you just want top-notch results right away. We can definitely have our cake and eat it, too!

I also do live streams of my art (my own usually, and any that my clients give permission to stream) on Twitch:

You can also find my leisure art blog here:
And client reviews on my past work here: (I am nolonger accepting new clients there.)

For projects requiring complex coding or electronics prototyping I collaborate with my husband, Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Romero:

Work Terms

I work weekdays, no more than 12-hours a day. If with holiday pay/overtime, I can work weekends, and possibly holidays.

I typically work on a first-come-first-serve basis, and can book work months in advance. However, if you're on a budget and have a lenient schedule, I can get the project within your price range.

Steps for workflow:
1) Planning-- Discus and cite any references or specifications I must adhere to. Project specifications are outlined, with a listed itinerary of what I will create for you.
2) Thumbnails-- I sketch small rough drafts that you may choose from.
3) Sketches-- I make a more detailed full-size sketch.
4) Inking-- I finalize the design.
5) Coloring-- I finish the image. Any coloring and formatting (such as Game Assets arranged into Sprite Sheets, preparing book illustrations for print, etc.)
6) Delivery-- You receive the finished work! :)

I will communicate with you with check-ins on each step. You can make requests for changes at each of these steps (changes are billed as additional work, see below).

I can be contacted via:
- this site (guru)
- my email:
- Skype: mixiekins

Any materials/shipping costs are factored into the budget, and changes are billed additionally. If anything was not explained to me in the 1st step of the workflow or was otherwise changed after the fact, it will not be included in the original budget and must be billed as changes.