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  • Canvas Artist

    $15/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I paint realistic and abstract paintings using oil and acrylic on canvas. I can paint about different subjects and topics depending on client's requirements.

    Abstract ArtAcrylic PaintingArtistCanvas PrintsClient Development


I am a visual artist based in Nairobi Kenya. In my painting there are no rules. I enter and exit, at will, into my subjects soul in an attempt to share in their feelings and emotions

Bundi Wa Mwai is a Kenyan artist who excels in the use of tonal variation in creating visual planes and depth. Viewing his dynamic and fluid works of art is an exciting kinetic experience. As a modern cubist painter, he brings an extensive mastery of depth illusion and innate sense of movement. His ability to creatively integrate the African motif into his work gives it a noticeable visual appeal.

Through his paintings, Bundi explores the place of modern African woman in the society. He sees the woman as a very resilient being who is the epitome of hope despite living in a very chaotic and turbulent environment. It is out of this turmoil that Bundi picks up the broken pieces and reorganizes them in an attempt to create order where non exists. He invites us to take a visual journey through his paintings to try and make sense out of this confusion.

Bundi was born and brought up on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the then Central Province. This was where his rudimentary passion for creativity saw him using sticks to draw pictures on the ground. When he joined school, he cherished the art and craft lessons where he would always astonish other students with his talents. He is a holder of Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art from Kenyatta University. He taught art in various International schools before embarking on a journey as a full time professional artist. He has taken part in several joint as well as juried art exhibitions in Nairobi.

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