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  • Accounting
  • Banking Law
  • Business Loans
  • Data Audit
  • IT Audit
  • Tax Accounting



A chartered accountant in practice having knowledge of all accounting, auditing, financial activities in the normal environment as well as the IT environment.

I have 5 years experience in the field of Accounts, Auditing, Financing, Banking, IT related audit. I have worked with Exide Limited for 8 months then I got into my own Chartered Accountancy Practice. Practice has given me a vast scope to learn and develop my skills optimally. I have experience matters relating to accounts, banking, strategy making, IS Audit, development of goals, auditing, preparing budget, CMA Analysis of banks, and many other.

Work Terms

I can work for upto 18 hours a day, Per hour cost will be about $10 - $100 depending on the kind of work, the mode of contact can be emails as well as telephonic contact.

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