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  • 100% error free PHP code fixes

    $45/hr Starting at $120 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I offer 100% reliable, error free website fixes and repairs on a daily basis. With my seasoned experience, I am qualified to help you get your issues fixed within a short time period. My greatest strength...

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I can build, fix, upgrade your; php code, blog, WordPress website, Joomla cms 100% error free. Update your old php 5, 7 to php 8 and more.

Hi, I'm Lerhon. Your perfect php back-end coder and mobile developer over at If it's php; cms, wordpress, joomla, laravel, I can build it or fix it, debug or troubleshoot. My coding language skills do not stop there, but my specialty of over 17+ years is in php.

Bringing your ideas and project(s) to life by building you new features, maybe testing your code, or creating a brand new website / app / concept is what I do.

Most times you can find me repairing or fixing a few items on your project list. Other times I'm developing or revamping a whole website or app.

From the start of your project to the end, I wholly dedicate and immerse myself 100% into it all, working diligently, but creatively either by myself or from time-to-time with one of my contracted comrades to deliver professional work(s) to you.

With over 17+ years of combined Software & Web Development experience in programming software applications and fixing websites; I know code.

Here are just some of the programming languages, platforms, CMS and frameworks used over the years to enhance and create masterpieces for clients and customers just like yourself:
+ Ruby
+ Python
+ WordPress
+ Drupal
+ Magento
+ Joomla
+ WooCommerce
+ Laravel
+ C++
+ Perl
+ jQuery
+ JavaScript
+ Python
+ .NET
+ CRMs
+ ERPs

I'm also well rounded and gained 7+ years of android coding & development, using such technologies as:
+ React Native
+ Android studio
+ Cordova
+ Xamarin

At my #1 specialty is debugging, troubleshooting & fixing code. Be it PHP, C++, Perl, .NET, ASP, Visual Basic, WordPress, I know a thing or two about repairing code.

Work Terms

iFx (, me, we, I)

Hours of operation: 8 AM - 6 PM (EST/EDT GMT -5/-4) (excluding Canadian holidays)
Working Hours: Monday - Friday
Response Times: 7 days a week. Up to 4 hours weekdays. Up-to 12 hours weekends.
Communication: Guru messaging, E-Mail. Other communication such as Phone, WhatsApp & Skype contact available upon request and in priority queue sequence.

Both: 1. guru escrow/safepay or 2. non-escrow projects. However non-escrow project terms are 35-45% up front, with the remainder due upon completion.

== Quotes ==
How it works: If iFx gives you a quote, many things are taken into consideration. Every element (item or features discussed) work together to arrive at the perfect quote (price and timeline). Therefore if an element is removed or added, a brand new new quote will have to be drafted.

* IMPORTANT: Clients with either a readily available RFP or budget plan will receive priority for quotes and a faster response.