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    $69/hr Starting at $150

    PLEASE NOTE-- Due to software problem at Guru website, earnings and feedbacks does not show well--- unless you click on "earnings" and click on side category called "Feedbacks". You will find my earnings...

    Chemical EngineeringChemical FormulationChemical SafetyChemical SalesChemical Testing
  • Chemistry

    $69/hr Starting at $150

    He has PHD(USA) degree with GPA= 4/4 in major, plus over 20 years experience in Chemical, Legal, Business, Personal Coaching, Financial fields and Chemical Engineering credits. He also has 15 years experience...



Expert problem solving consultant with PhD (GPA = 4/4) including Chemistry, Nutrition, product Marketing & improvement with Creative cost reduction and Patents.

(Since I am travelling, please send me questions via email address given under Website heading and I promise to reply in 24 hours. Thanks.)
Experience: 20 year(s)
Highest degree: PhD Degree.
Additional Skills: I have PHD(USA) degree with GPA= 4/4 in major, plus over 20 years experience in ( Summary ) Chemical, Nutrition, Anti-Aging supplements, Formulations, Toxicology, Alternative Health Adviser, business and financial fields. Also took 1.5 year LAW Courses(including Business Law, Litigation Law, Legal Research, Patent Law), to help understand & win Patent Disputes(Cracking Secret Formulas), Toxic / Pollution RegsTort, Defective Product/Injury Liability Law suits for my clients by advising Attorneys & as EXPERT WITNESS. I have also served as Board Member or Adviser to VP and Presidents of Companies. I can maximize profitability or,"wear more than one hat", important in difficult financial times. I can serve as single information source or contribute as a part of the team. My main strengths are problem solving, troubleshooting processes and creative thinking. Currently I am Adviser to Member of Parliament. In industry I also work on cost-reduction, process improvement, Cracking Competitor product/process analysis, Patent infringement etc. Chemical areas include Toxicology, Polymers, Chemical Safety-Audits-Accident Prevention/litigation advise, Petrochemical, Environmental, etc. As hobby analyse investments(shares/MFs,ETFs) and help (charity) poor people & rich friends with advise on nutrition correction(nutritional Dietetics), alternative medicine etc.
I have used most word processing, publishing SOFTWARE including Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Technical software etc.
If you have a problem, I am confident I can reduce it.
You can start with invitation to your project or send email to szarin99 at rate of yahoo dot com.
Many thanks for your kind consideration.

Work Terms

Safe Pay Escrow for new customers required, as per Guru regulations.
All Guru quotes are preliminary until detailed requirements are known.
Reserve the right to re-bid as project requirements change. I mostly work towards finishing the project in a cost effective manner. So please let me know your project budget, so I can work within the budget as far as possible.
My main objective is customer satisfaction for long term and repeat business.