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  • 3D
  • After Effects
  • Artist
  • Blender
  • CGI
  • Compositing
  • English Language
  • Film
  • Film Production
  • Spanish


  • Experienced 3D Artist

    $15/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    An experienced 3D Artist who is an expert at Blender and After Effects. Very proficient in the integration and compositing of CGI elements into Live Action Film. Knowledgeable on all areas of Film Production...

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An experience 3D Artist who has a wealth of experience in the CGI Compositing and Integration field.

I am an avid user of Blender and After Effects, both of which I like to use in Conjunction to create artificial worlds and add CGI Elements. I love the art of Cinema, and I am an avid Movie-Goer.

Work Terms

I operate generally from 4PM until 9PM, and like to work part time, but highly effectively and productively. My work ethic and style is one in which where I am let loose with a general end goal and like to solve things creatively, and update my clients every now and again. I like to communicate through email as that is the most convenient for myself and clients. PayPal is my preferred vehicle for transactions due to the security both ways.