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  • Swift Mac App Developer

    $45/hr Starting at $100

    I develop Mac Apps in Swift, Apple's language of choice for iOS and Mac applications. Having developed a number of Swift applications in the recent past, I'll be able to help you design and produce a...

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Swift Mac App Developer Seeking Exciting Projects

I've been developing software professionally for almost 10 years and I've loved almost every minute of it.

While most of that time has been developing web applications, a few months ago I was bitten with the Swift bug after discovering how great Mac had made developing for their system.

So, since then, I've been developing all kinds of Mac Apps in Swift.

I've developed

* Large applications that connect to remote servers for data to interact with...
* Small utilities to make daily life on a Mac simpler...
* Terminal scripts to handle data migration without wasting time on a GUI

And I'd love to develop an exciting application for you too.

Work Terms

I generally work 9-5, but occasionally in the evenings. I will only be available Mon-Fri in the Eastern Time Zone. If you need me outside that time range, there may be an extra fee.

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